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This happens quite often. I pass a stream on a walk, and save the coords, but don't have enough time to accurately map it. What should I do?

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asked 19 Apr '17, 07:10

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When I have been in similar situations, I have drawn a short section (≈10 m) of stream crossing the trail (with appropriate bridge/tunnel/culvert/layer/whatnot arrangements) (because crossing a stream is a useful landmark on a trail) and put FIXME=stub on it.

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answered 19 Apr '17, 07:24

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Probably the easiest and quickest is to select 'edit with iD' at , enter the coordinates at the search box -> enter and with luck you will be within 20m of the right spot and able to see the stream on the satellite imagery, select 'line' at the top, click a few times to mark path and direction of stream that you can observe (draw from upstream to downstream), select 'water features' -> stream, and save. If the stream goes through a culvert under the road then spit the stream each side of the road and also mark that section as a culvert. If it flow across the road enter a node joining the stream to the road and mark that point as a ford.

I don't think we need the map to be decorated with notes for someone else to do for this type of edit.

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answered 19 Apr '17, 07:53

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Thanks however sometimes you cannot find the stream on the map if it is a small stream (or bad imagery).

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