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Dear team, I have downloaded the map S.A. and there is a road missing which still exists on named MR15 and on the paper map it's called Cecil Macks Pass. It leads from south of Nsoko (Swasiland) to Ingwavuma. On your map there is a road but it has a break. Is there a problem with this road at the moment or is this part of the road just missing? Thanks for your anserwer.

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asked 17 Apr '17, 13:02

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I don't see a highway MR 15 anywhere near Ingwavuma, or anywhere else for that matter. Can you provide some more information?

(17 Apr '17, 14:08) AlaskaDave

Hi Sherly43, both ends you’re mentioning were added due to a HOTOSM project and it looks like the border of the project was around both cuts. Read Like SK53 comment as well. There is however a trail visible on aerial (satellite) material between the ends, but no information about the conditions. And nobody drew the road section in between. So it looks like there is a track or trail. Feel free to use your account to add the way you’re travelled between both ends and even add circumstances, conditions, surface or the signed road number to OSM. Thats how OSM is build just by friendly travellers looking around.

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answered 17 Apr '17, 14:48

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Hi SK53 and Hendrik, Thanks a lot for your answers. shows that south of Nsoko leads MR8 to Lavumisa. After Nsoko, the next junction, MR15 leads to Ingwavuma. But you are right the road looks like an unpaved one. We will be there in October this year and drive with a 4x4 car. So we will check this route if the people say that the conditions are o.k. It will take a little time editing this area as I am very new with OSM and have to read all the instructions before adding something ;-). Thanks for your help.

(17 Apr '17, 21:55) Sherly43

The relevant details in the area appear to have been added from Bing aerial imagery. The road is mapped until it encounters a forested area where it is difficult to ascertain if it continues or not. In most of this area it looks more like a track at best. There are no GPS traces either, so OSM mappers are working from limited data. (for reference here is the relevant area in MapCompare:

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answered 17 Apr '17, 14:02

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Looks like MR15 at the Swaziland / South Africa border has been closed since the late 1980s due to floor damage to the road.

Here is a recent trip log by the 4x4 enthusiast group "Jeep Freaks SA" who travelled the South African side up to the Swaziland border. The road has been made impassable for motor-vehicles at the border, but looks like it is in use by people on foot.

"The area bordering Swaziland and Mozambique between Ingwavuma and the Ndumo Game Reserve was also identified as a smuggling route for firearms in the past. It is still in use by gunrunners. The area is very difficult to patrol due to the mountainous terrain and lack of suitable roads. The local population make no secret that they move freely through the Cecil Mack’s pass area and that criminals also use these routes" - Monograph 57: The Challenge to Control South Africa`s Borders and Borderline, Ettienne Hennop, Clare Jefferson and Andrew Mclean

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answered 26 Apr '17, 01:54

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edited 26 Apr '17, 02:01

Hi good contribution. The road MR15 should get a barrier tag with blocks and wood.

(26 Apr '17, 09:08) Hendrikklaas

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