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I came across this some time ago, where someone representing Digital Globe mentioned making their Vivid+ imagery available for "registered OSM users".

Here he mentions a time frame of some weeks and he also talks about this in this SOTM 2016-talk from where he mentions a time frame of some months.

I'm extremely curious if anyone has any more information on this? When the images will be available and how? Through MapBox?

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Hi all, it's Kevin from DG. Indeed, this is something we've been working on since last summer (my SOTMUS talk). We will have more details forthcoming by way of a blog post, but I can confirm we are planning on making DG imagery available to OSM users (not general public). It will be the aforementioned "accompanying DG imagery" that corresponds with the work Facebook is doing.

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The DG imagery you're referring to will not be available to the general public nor to OSM members. The full discussion we had in the OSM Thailand forum will provide more details on this "import". What we get to use is their derived imagery that represents roads and byways, however, it isn't very useful without the accompanying DG high-res imagery to check it. Active Thailand mappers have an agreement with the Facebook group doing the mapping that allows us to inspect potential additions before committing them to the OSM database. It's all covered in the thread below.

Here is a sample of the derived imagery available to ordinary OSM folks:

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The post from the Digital Globe contact is somewhat more optimistic than you describe:

This statement is rather open ended:

"In addition, we are looking at options to publish imagery for OSM editing similar to the imagery that is being used by Facebook."

Who knows how close they would be to acting on any of the options they are considering, but it doesn't sound like a solid "no" either.

(16 Apr '17, 17:22) maxerickson

Yes, despite sounding good, that statement is a bit vague.

One can always hope the high-res data the FB group is using becomes available to us eventually.



(16 Apr '17, 17:50) AlaskaDave

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