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I created a way (486594123), which is a boundary of a neighborhood. There is a node (153966491) of this neighborhood already, though some of the information is incorrect.

  1. Is there a way to merge a way with a node?
  2. If not, should the node be deleted so that the way has the correct information with the correct boundary?

asked 13 Apr '17, 16:12

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The name should probably just be "Hough". The other information can be calculated, for example:

If there is not any government for the neighborhood, it should be tagged "landuse=residential" rather than boundary=administrative.

For towns and cities the usual US practice is to have both a boundary and a node. I'm not sure that makes as much sense for neighborhoods. For the cities, the node can be linked into the boundary, look at the bottom of the left pane, the admin_centre:

But a neighborhood usually doesn't have an administrative function.

I think what I would probably do is leave the node (because they are often used for labeling) and then not put a place= tag on the landuse area.

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answered 13 Apr '17, 21:13

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I see the admin_centre but how do you actually link the two?

(13 Apr '17, 21:26) divided

Open the boundary relation in the JOSM relation editor and manually add the node with the admin_centre role.

I don't think there is really a widely used system of linking neighborhood areas to place nodes though.

(13 Apr '17, 21:30) maxerickson


I think you can use the "Replace Geometry" function of JOSM. You have to select both the boundary and the node and press Ctrl + Shift + G. This will combine both and keep the recently created geometry, which is the boundary. Then you can just correct the information. This way, the node history will remain as well.

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answered 14 Apr '17, 15:32

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Takk skal du ha this helped me in project

du er fantastisk å være,

(07 Jan '20, 04:40) solmaps2

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