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I need to reference the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, which consists of several components:


I planned on creating a super-relation to reference the relations defined, above, and then removing the node reference.

I therefore created super-relation:

That super-relation is not, however, searchable in nominatim and the OSM web client does not highlight the underlying ways as one might expect. Consequently, I have not removed the node.

I would like to confirm that the super-relation node definition is acceptable and open this issue up to folks for recommendation*.


* e.g. remove the super-relation and associate the relation directly with the underlying ways - which could be argued loses topology information.

asked 12 Apr '17, 00:47

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There is no established convention for super-relations. There are some programs that do something with relations of relations in some specialized cases, but there is no such thing as a generally defined and accepted "super relation" so there is no best-practice here.

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answered 12 Apr '17, 08:28

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Jochen Topf
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edited 12 Apr '17, 08:28

I'll raise it as an issue with nominatim. I can imagine there could be issues with circular references with relations but in principle I believe super-relations should be searchable.

(12 Apr '17, 21:50) snodnipper

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