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I come across areas that are very under-mapped, and I'd love to be able to flag down some fellow mappers and let them know that their help would be really appreciated in this area. Most recently I relized how many unmmapped roads exist in the Kashmir Valley. (I added what I could in the sothern section of the area linked, but have not yet continued north)

I like adding roads to unmapped areas, as it feels more productive than adding building traces or other minor details in area that are already well mapped. I suspect that there are others that feel the same way. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to draw attention, and bring mappers to an area?

asked 07 Apr '17, 04:41

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I don't believe that it is necessary to create a formal task around remote mapping an area if there is no immediate pressing need (real, perceived or marketing driven), in particular it will just boil down to endless building doodling, which in general is not helpful in getting a good base map in place first.

Lots of accomplished OSM contributors will do some remote mapping when they feel like it if they know that there is reasonable aerial imagery available and there are (really) locals that would appreciate the help. So what about turning pour question in to a diary post on and giving some information about the situation, what is missing and what the available resources are.

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Hello, I do not know if there are any official way of doing this but I can suggest what me and mappers in my community do.

  1. Create a task at TeachOSM
  2. If you are part of a community, post the link to that community page and ask people to participate.
  3. If possible, arrange a Mapathon, list it in Missingmaps events and invite people to join.
  4. Check out this link. It will help you to reach out.
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answered 07 Apr '17, 05:39

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