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When I use the JOSM shortcut Ctrl-H to get the history for an object I'm getting no information from OSM. Just a window with the way id.

History example

My keyboard presets are normal in preferences.

key shortcut history

Is this just me or are others having the same problem?

What could I be doing wrong?

asked 01 Apr '17, 19:29

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edited 02 Apr '17, 00:11

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Which JOSM version? Both JOSM tested (11639) and latest (11817) work fine here on Linux with OpenJDK 8. Does ctrl-shift-h work?

(01 Apr '17, 22:38) scai ♦

I'm using version 11639. ctrl-shift-h does work and opens a link to the osm history in my web browser. Thanks for answering, I guess it may be my problem alone.

(01 Apr '17, 22:44) Alan01730

I think you've resized the window down to a small size where it doesn't show anything but the title bar.

JOSM remembers the window size between invocations of the history function.

To fix it, hover over one of the corners until the pointer changes and then resize the window.

permanent link

answered 02 Apr '17, 02:13

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Thanks so much. That was the problem. I was able to resize the window as you suggested

(02 Apr '17, 02:45) Alan01730

Hi I dont know why, too much unknowns. Try this work around, choose the third collom (picture, with Expertmodus on the bottom) choose history and add 48512430 in the red menu and look at it.

permanent link

answered 01 Apr '17, 20:26

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Thanks for trying to help. In the third column "View" I chose "History" In the red area I entered the id. The result was the same as before, just a window as shown above.

(01 Apr '17, 21:57) Alan01730

I re--booted my windows pc and reinstalled JOSM. Still have the same problem as described above. Anyone else have this problem?

(01 Apr '17, 22:04) Alan01730

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