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Is there any option to upload a track file in the edit mode so I could see the route I was driving and edit the map in accordance.

asked 27 Mar '17, 09:46

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edited 28 Mar '17, 22:47

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes, but the way to do it is different in each OSM editor. Are you using the default "edit" button on the website?

(27 Mar '17, 09:48) SomeoneElse ♦
(27 Mar '17, 15:00) moshfeu

Yes you can, just drag and drop the file on the editor window.

You can also see the files that people have uploaded to OSM using the method than Andy Mackey suggests.

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answered 28 Mar '17, 21:42

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Works great! Thanks!

(28 Mar '17, 21:45) moshfeu

alt text Upload the trace first. and If using the iD editor click on 1 then 2 and you will see all the available GPX traces.

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answered 28 Mar '17, 21:29

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andy mackey
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i decided to improve my illustration and instructions for a single trace but i cannot delete this one at the moment for some reason. andy

(28 Mar '17, 21:52) andy mackey

Thanks! I will try it but @someoneelse answer is simpler ☺

(28 Mar '17, 21:52) moshfeu

alt text

With iD click on 1 then 2 choose to your gpx and it will display. but someoneesle's method is a little easier. maybe.

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answered 28 Mar '17, 21:49

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andy mackey
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