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Hi all,

the Strava heatmap is no longer visible on Anyone knows, what happened?

Thanks! René

asked 25 Mar '17, 12:41

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In JOSM all three Strava Heatmaps available in "Imagery" menu doesn't work anymore

(28 Mar '17, 02:54) Paulo

for reference: JOSM ticket about this:

(30 Mar '17, 22:14) aseerel4c26 ♦

Leo from Strava - the issue is resolved. Sorry about that; a misconfigured component on our end.

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answered 31 Mar '17, 02:15

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Leo Romanovsky
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thank you very much, Leo! Great to continue our partnership! :-)

And, indeed, it works again in JOSM and the iD on – I did not test strava's (slide) iD.

(31 Mar '17, 06:49) aseerel4c26 ♦

Strava slide works again as well. Thank you!

(31 Mar '17, 08:08) rene78

Awesome! This is a great tool, I'd hate to see it become unavalable. I can think the OSM and Strava communities really benefit each other, and could do so even more.

I've added plenty of MTB trails with the help of Strava data, confirmed accuracy of others, and found other missing foot or bike paths.

(01 Apr '17, 07:50) keithonearth

Hey, Jason here from Strava. The engineer that owns this now is out on holiday. He will be taking a look when he gets back next week.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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answered 30 Mar '17, 21:55

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Jason Milliron
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Hi Jason, thanks for the information. Glad to hear that Strava is still commited to the tool. Cheers.

(30 Mar '17, 21:57) rene78

The heatmap still works in ID and embedded on websites, but JOSM gives a SSL handshake exception (see picture)alt text.

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answered 26 Mar '17, 11:54

FredrikLindseth's gravatar image

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Is there a way to bypass that security check in JOSM?

(30 Mar '17, 04:40) solitone

It's me who opened the bug, but no one seem to notice. I realised that the person who developed this feature, Paul Mach, isn't working anymore at Strava. Perhaps it's over with the slide tool.

@FredrikLindseth, I can't get it to work in iD anymore or on any other places other than on . How do you get it to work in iD?

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answered 27 Mar '17, 22:09

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"Perhaps it's over with the slide tool." That would be a huge pity. Strava Slide is unbelievably useful! Maybe someone should get in touch with Paul Mach via LinkedIn and see, whether he can do anything for us or give us a contact at Strava?

(27 Mar '17, 22:13) rene78

I could send him a tweet. Perhaps he has some contacts over at Strava still.

(27 Mar '17, 22:14) oskarlin

That would be great! Thanks for your support!

(27 Mar '17, 22:16) rene78

Just add the same imager url from JOSM as a custom background in ID{zoom}/{x}/{y}.png. I doublechecked and it still works

(27 Mar '17, 22:30) FredrikLindseth

Yes, it seems like it works as a custom background but what I'm talking about is Slide to Strava where it uses the strava tiles to actually slide things into place based on the strava information. Look here: . That one doesn't work.

(27 Mar '17, 22:44) oskarlin

Try tweeting at , maybe?

(28 Mar '17, 11:18) Richard ♦

I have written a mail to strava (as mentioned on ).

(30 Mar '17, 19:47) aseerel4c26 ♦
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It seems Strava changed how they are serving the heatmaps and has not updated the editor to use the new system. Someone has opened a bug:

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answered 25 Mar '17, 16:11

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Apparently Strava Heatmap requests are being checked by HTTP Referer defined as "" site.

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answered 28 Mar '17, 23:09

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If you can't wait until the issue is fixed, there is quick and dirty solution. Just add referer into http request:


You can find more about TMS options at in section Tile Map Services (TMS)

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answered 31 Mar '17, 01:03

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Excellent! Thank you for the tip.

I was successfull using:


(31 Mar '17, 02:23) Paulo

@asdqweasd: I would not fake the HTTP referer without adjustment with the service owner. If a service blocks you, there might be a good reason to do that - for example the permission to use the heatmeap for OSM may be revoked. It would not be good for us to continue to use the tiles in that case. As we now know this is, thankfully, not the case.

(31 Mar '17, 06:41) aseerel4c26 ♦

Yes, please don't use a fake referer. Additionally to what aseerel4c26 said, it is also bad for strava as this can distort their statistics.

(01 Apr '17, 16:53) Klumbumbus

Any "Referer" would have been acceptable.

(04 Apr '17, 21:49) Leo Romanovsky

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