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I recently added some bus stations according to what I understood to be the new scheme, tagging them as public_transport=station and bus=yes. Surprisingly none of them appears on the map, whereas stations tagged with amenity=bus_station are shown. Did I get something wrong and there is something missing? I'm tempted to change the tags to the old scheme to make them visible.


asked 22 Mar '17, 17:47

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For info, there's discussion about the rendering of these on the "standard" map style over at . Other map styles may already render them, of course.

(22 Mar '17, 18:29) SomeoneElse ♦

Thanks for the hint. As much as I understood, there is a rendering problem with the new scheme that persists for almost 2 1/2 years. And the only viable solution for the moment seems to be double tagging. Thus I won't replace the new tags with the old ones but add these too in the hope the stops and stations will be shown on the maps.

BTW, this problem does not only exist on the Openstreetmap website but also in OsmAnd,the navigator I use.

(22 Mar '17, 21:23) Knut Hildebr...
(23 Mar '17, 12:01) sleske

Note that amenity=bus_station is not for tagging individual bus stops, it is for bus stations, i.e. large installations where many buses stop, typically with service buildings.

(23 Mar '17, 12:15) sleske

@sleske Thanks for the hints. I know that amenity=bus_station is not for individual stops and I only used it for smaller or bigger bus stations. And I also understood how to use the new scheme but unfortunately stations only tagged according to it, are not shown on the maps ;-(

(23 Mar '17, 12:39) Knut Hildebr...

As mentioned by SomeoneElse's comment, there are currently two schemes for tagging bus stops:

  • the old scheme: put a node where the bus shelter/stop sign is, tag it highway=bus_stop
  • the new scheme, called Public Transport scheme: tag the stop position on the road as public_transport=stop_position, bus=yes, and the shelter position as public_transport=platform (and ideally combine them into a relation tagged type=public_transport, public_transport=stop_area).

An introduction to the new scheme is under Key:public_transport.

The new Public Transport scheme was introduced to address problems with the old scheme, mainly because the old scheme did not work well for other types of public transport.

However, the OSM main map does not yet render the new scheme - see issue 311 for details.

So, for the time being, the pragmatic solution is to tag according to both schemes - that means you are compatible with all data consumers. If there is ever a consensus to abandon the old scheme, the old tags can be removed automatically if desired.

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