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I can't find any info on how to export files. I hit "Export" and I don't know where it exports to, what the file would be named, and what format a file exported out of OSM would be? Insight into this would be helpful. Thanks!

Can I even get high-res maps from OSM?

asked 21 Mar '17, 23:49

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On my computer, using the export function on the website results in a file named map.osm.xml being downloaded. That can be opened in a number of OSM aware applications. When I open it in JOSM, I see that it contains all the objects in vector format allowing me to edit them.

From your question, I think you are trying to download a raster image rendering. That is a bit different thing than getting the underlying object data. If your need is specialized, you can setup your own rendering (I do that to create high resolution paper topographic maps), if your visual needs are met by the default rendering on the openstreetmap you can zoom into the area of interest and capture the screen shot.

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answered 22 Mar '17, 08:33

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Well, I'm trying to export a vector based file that I can pull into Illustrator. When I hit export nothing goes to my Downloads folder.

(22 Mar '17, 17:51) HighSouthCre...

When you click "export" you see a message that says "If the above export fails, please consider using one of the sources listed below". Exports tend to fail because the area is too big to export from the API directly, so you're better off using "using one of the sources listed below" (data extracts) and cutting down to the size you want with OSM tools?

(22 Mar '17, 18:26) SomeoneElse ♦
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answered 22 Mar '17, 18:24

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