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Hi, All was well until about a week ago - I would select an area in Openstreetmap, edit it with Potlatch 2, the background (usually Bing satellite) would load and the OSM data would load on top. I could then add and edit data with no problem.

Suddenly, when I selected Potlatch 2 one day, I found that the background layer would load, but not the foreground OSM data. I could still add stuff, its just that I couldn't link it to the existing data. This was the same for IE and Chrome.

This problem has surfaced before elsewhere, and was then diagnosed as "probably caused by Potlatch failing to load the stylesheet because your browser has cached the old stylesheet list." I tried all the suggested cache-related things, including deleting browser history and bypassing the cache, to no avail. To make matters even more confusing, when I tried to log on to a completely different machine it seemed to come up with exactly the same error, suggesting that the issue is something to do with my ID or the site.

Any suggestions? Cheers

asked 21 Mar '17, 11:17

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aseerel4c26 ♦

AHA! In my blind stumbling around, I appear to have potentially located the problem... If I google "Openstreetmap", the google comes up with web address

If I log on to this, the I get the problem mentioned (i.e. OSM data not appearing in the edit page.)

If, on the other hand, I type in

then I am taken to a log in screen and can log in, edit the maps, etc...

Can anyone explain what might be happening here?

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answered 22 Mar '17, 14:11

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aseerel4c26 ♦

Someone on IRC this morning found themselves on the dev server by mistake as well when doing an export.

(22 Mar '17, 14:38) SomeoneElse ♦

Hmmm... when I googled "Openstreetmap" it came up with that address - should the link be amended, so people don't end up on the dev server unless they mean to be there?

(22 Mar '17, 14:46) Paul-B4

It should. Tell Google they've got the wrong address!

(22 Mar '17, 15:37) Richard ♦

just for the record and others: As you noticed, you were accessing a development/test server which is not meant for contributing to OSM. It was the wrong site. Please bookmark or type it. However, I guess google will soon get their results right, too - and if not you might want to use another search engine. ;-)

(25 Mar '17, 09:26) aseerel4c26 ♦

What zoom level are you editing at? Potlatch 2 now doesn't show map data at zoom 13 or below, just the background tiles. If you zoom into z14 or higher, the data will load.

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answered 21 Mar '17, 11:23

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Richard ♦
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Not sure where the "Zoom level" is shown, but zooming in or out seems not to have any effect - I still only get the background image.

When I try iD, the street names appear to a certain zoom level (which I cannot edit), but disappear as soon as I zoom in to an editable zoom level.

(21 Mar '17, 11:36) Paul-B4

If you can copy and paste the exact URL you're editing at, I can take a look.

(21 Mar '17, 17:21) Richard ♦

The above link is for iD, which also has the same problem. Here is another interesting thing... I installed a new portable version of Firefox, looked on Openstreetmap (using iD), and voila! It worked! I was able to carry out a couple of edits and save them. When I logged back on to Openstreetmap using Firefox about 40 minutes later, however, the problem had re-emerged, with the street overlay disappearing when I zoomed in sufficiently to edit. Also tried with Midori - no luck.

(22 Mar '17, 13:22) Paul-B4

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