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Trying to tag a "point" landform on a lakeshore - it appears there's no "natural=" tag for it. A few examples I've found just use a named locality. Is that standard?
Before you ask - cape and headland would not be appropriate for small "point" landforms.

Thx in advance...

asked 21 Mar '17, 05:34

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You say, "Before you ask - cape and headland would not be appropriate for small "point" landforms."

Why not? I use natural=cape all the time to tag a named "point" on a lake or the ocean. Some big rivers in Alaska also have named prominences, points on a bend or an island. If the goal is to make such a "point" findable and perhaps even rendered, I don't see why you object to its use.

Can you perhaps provide an example of your problem?



(21 Mar '17, 11:40) AlaskaDave

Thx Dave - I'm just going by what the wiki defines a cape to be - which is also the accepted term in the cartographic world in general. If the tag definition (and real world definition) makes no difference, I'll go ahead and use =cape. (I'm mapping Bear Lake in N-C British Columbia, SE of Skeena and Sustut confluence)
It's hard to know which tag definitions are set in stone, and which ones are much more loose... a named point on a river being a good example. That's just NOT a cape... but I don't see any good alternatives, so I can't fault your usage. I'm just glad not to have to use =locality, as the lack of rendering at multiple layers is problematic.
Thx again...

(21 Mar '17, 16:18) GregRetro

Honestly, the BEST solution would be


(21 Mar '17, 16:37) GregRetro

Even after reading this question, I still have almost no idea what you mean by "natural=landform". Can you given an example on osm.org?

(21 Mar '17, 16:40) SomeoneElse ♦

Gah... Sorry about that - I misread an article on the wiki.
No such thing as natural=landform. Obviously.

(21 Mar '17, 16:49) GregRetro

Okay - I've tagged them as capes. Thx for the help.

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answered 21 Mar '17, 17:00

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