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What could be the best approach for tagging steps that go on a sloped pedestrian way but that only show up ocassionally?

  • alternate highway=pedestrian and highway=steps for each respective section?
  • tag the entire way as highway=pedestrian regardless of the steps?
  • tag the entire way as highway=steps regardless of the walk sections?
  • draw a highway=pedestrian + area=yes, and then draw a highway=footway alternating with highway=steps for each section?
  • tag it highway=footway and alternate with highway=steps, even though the way is not just a "footway" but a wider street where 3 or maybe 4 cars fit well (if parked side to side and excluding the wheelchair ramps) but it's not meant for motorized vehicles?

I might be overthinking a little.

Edit: here's a link to the place. Sorry, no Mapillary or similar. I hope posting Google Maps links is not considered a deadly sin in this site. :P

In restrospective, the way is pretty short and maybe it can be resolved with stairs, although it has its own name (Callejón del Cubo) and the 4+ meters walk sections and cafés are the ones that throw me off on how to proceed.

asked 19 Mar '17, 23:58

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can you link to the area you are thinking of?

(20 Mar '17, 14:28) neuhausr

@neuhausr: Check my edit. I also clarified a little on my perception of the actual width of the way.

(21 Mar '17, 19:46) Absay

Hi Absay, this new pic with groups of steps 4 - >8 justify a certain distance of steps. The trick or bottleneck of the situation is the ramp on the left side with a railing.

(21 Mar '17, 21:10) Hendrikklaas

Some people have used highway=steps with area=yes for wide steps. Here is one area in Salamanca, Spain mapped this way that seems kind of similar to what you are talking about. You can zoom out then run the query again to search for other examples. If you want to do detailed mapping, I'd definitely map both the stairs and the flat area.

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answered 22 Mar '17, 15:02

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Hi there is no trace of any traffic - sign to point the area specific ? Consider using barrier=kerb every now and then, that is the situation your describing. A pedestrian walks over a kerb or 2 (steps) but a driver wont like it.

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answered 20 Mar '17, 09:31

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On the pedestrian ways I've tagged (width less than 2 meters and usually closer to 1 meter) I usually put short sections of "highway=steps" along with "step_count=*" (if I've counted them) where the steps are and "highway=footway" or "highway=path" for the rest (depending the general character with urban/suburban more likely to be footway and mountain hiking ways more likely to be path).

But you are describing something wide enough for four cars to fit. I've never tagged such a wide pedestrian way. I suppose one could simply tag as a way with a "width=*" value instead of tagging as an area. Not sure how I'd tag an area with steps as I don't see a way to indicate which is up versus down while there is a convention for that on a way.

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answered 20 Mar '17, 00:11

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