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There are a couple places nearby that have notable locations that are "unincorporated areas". These places have their own post offices, they have a signage indicating their place names, but they are not self-governing. What should the tag place=? have indicated? Should it include the is_in tag for the town which governs it?

asked 17 Mar '17, 00:35

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Whether or not it has an administrative boundary, you can always add a place node. See the Places - Populated Settlements - Urban and Rural table for guidance about which value might be appropriate.

These tags are not related to official designations. For example, a small incorporated city may be tagged as a town or village.

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answered 17 Mar '17, 13:31

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I agree that just a node is required, but not sure about the place=* tagging. I am leaning toward using neighbourhood but it seems more important than that name implies.

(17 Mar '17, 17:14) mtc

You could always use suburb or quarter instead of neighbourhood, then. From a US perspective these names feel pretty awkward, but the concept is very useful! If you want more specific advice, you might link to info about the area you have in mind.

(17 Mar '17, 17:41) neuhausr

@mtc What's the place name, where about's is it? How many inhabitants? place=village or place=hamlet?

Sounds like a rural populated settlement, see

(17 Mar '17, 22:00) aharvey

There has been a lengthy discussion on the Australian mailing list about this topic in December-January. You can find it in the mailing list archive

I do not remember whether a consensus was reached, but some people did not want to add an admin boundary at all, while others where willing to stretch/adapt the current definition of administrative boundaries in Australia. I suggest you read the thread and come up with your own conclusion (or ask the mailing list)

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answered 17 Mar '17, 04:50

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I agree no boundary is needed. I want to reference the name & location with a node, but not sure about the place=* tagging

Thanks for the link to the discussion. Will be checking it out.

(17 Mar '17, 17:11) mtc

Could it be a place=district ? The wiki does not have much information on this type of place, but the area itself calls itself a Village District. It is a small part of town with its own zoning and planning boards. The wiki seems to indicate a place=district is a large-scale (state-wide) area...

(17 Mar '17, 18:05) mtc

Agree with neuhausr above - just use the tag 'place' as appropriate.

The consensus on the Australian talk list was that unincorporated areas can be tagged the same as incorporated areas. There is one dissenter with this consensus.

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answered 17 Mar '17, 21:37

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