How would I map a stream that flows under a road? There's no tunnel or culvert or anything, the ground's just porous enough that when the spring runoff ponds up on the upstream side, it usually doesn't overtop the embankment the road is on.

Upstream view -- the water's about five feet deep here. That's not a drain in the middle, it's a tree stump.

Downstream view -- just enough water for a well-defined flow.

asked 15 Mar '17, 06:14

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If it is just flowing through porous ground without a manmade culvert I'd probably just map the pond on one side of the road and start the stream where it emerges from the ground the other.

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answered 15 Mar '17, 08:45

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That seems a sound approach, Ed. Thumbs up.

(15 Mar '17, 23:37) AlaskaDave

Any suggestions for tagging to keep various QA tools from complaining about a disconnected stream? Some sort of "this is an endorheic basin" marker or something?

(17 Mar '17, 04:45) Carnildo

You could use the layer=-1 tag on the section under the roadway and leave out any mention of culvert or tunnel. If your editor still complains, you'll just have to ignore it.

(17 Mar '17, 06:38) AlaskaDave

It depends on the circumstances. I cant see on your pictures how the stream passes the street. Is there a culvert than you can tag the part of the streem with tunnel=culvert. I guess there is no Bridge, otherwise you would tag that part of the street accordingly.

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answered 15 Mar '17, 07:49

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Like I said, there's no culvert or bridge or anything, just porous ground.

(15 Mar '17, 18:22) Carnildo
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