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how to find latitude and longitude of current location in php

asked 13 Mar '17, 15:25

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lucky boy
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You need to give more context. Is this an OpenStreetMap-specific question? Are you using a library that uses OpenStreetMap? What do you mean by "current location"? Who is going to win the French presidential election?

(13 Mar '17, 15:29) Richard ♦

Hi Richard

I want automatically get my geolocation latitude and longitude via OSM

(14 Mar '17, 15:21) lucky boy

Hello everyone, his question is, how to get the lat and long of users using OSM map, and Nomatim or something else, without using google services, because It wont work in China and few other countries.

hope someone can help us, Thank's by advance

Best regards

(16 Mar '17, 11:27) aladib

OSM is just a big pile of data; it can't help you with your current location any more than a book that I'm currently reading can help me with mine.

What you probably want to ask is "how do I create a web site that asks the web browser that it is running in for the user's current location". A quick web search suggests that there is lots of help out there for that. It's not really a question that has anything to do with OpenStreetMap.

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answered 14 Mar '17, 15:49

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