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I'm new to OSM and do not yet understand the OSM data structure. I am using the OsmAnd app for the first time on a CopperheadOS device. I live in LA. I've downloaded the CA map. The map is displayed and my location is accurate. I cannot find a single address. I've tried many. The search function at the moment shows nonsensical results hundreds and thousands of miles away. My hunch is that there's more to configure and download. Help would be much appreciated.

asked 11 Mar '17, 01:54

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Many/most addresses for Los Angeles are missing. There has been an import project headed up by a fellow that works at the LA Times that brought in the building outlines. They have address data with an appropriate license but found that there were difficulties with it before so that has not been imported yet. So, to the best of my knowledge, the only LA addresses in OSM are scattered individual ones for things like a business here or there.

But even for an area with good address data in OSM, OsmAnd's search/lookup functionality is horrible. And, in my opinion, gotten worse over time. I've pretty much given up on it. I use either AddressToGps or Acastus, both available on F-Droid, to look up addresses and then open the resulting location in either OsmAnd or AddressToGps uses Google as its back end. Acastus uses a Pelias backend which has open data from OSM and from OpenAddresses. Unfortunately both of those need a data connection to work which I would rather do without.

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answered 11 Mar '17, 21:00

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for visualization a screenshot of showing all objects in the LA area with a addr:housenumber tag. Quite clearly many parts of the area are missing house numbers. It needs volunteers to go out (not by copying other databases!), collect and add the house numbers to OSM. Or... a good (!) address import from a allowed source.

(11 Mar '17, 23:20) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi you can download AddressToGPSII on Google Playstore. With this app you can search an specific address and send the coordinates automatically to Osmand.

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answered 19 Apr '19, 20:19

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Are you able to find some or all of the addresses that you have added yourself via one of the editors to the in LA?
Maybe the addresses you added were made after the map data you are using and you need to wait until a later update.

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answered 11 Mar '17, 08:24

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Apart from the missing addresses you might be using the "wrong" address search. Currently OsmAnd has two different search windows. The newer one is accessible via the magnifier icon on the top left and supports free text searches and specific categories. The older (and imho better) one is accessible via the navigation menu and supports real address searches by specifying country, city, house number and so on.

The old address search is gone. Now there is only the address search behind the magnifier icon left.

There is an issue with a long discussion regarding these two confusing address searches.

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answered 12 Mar '17, 16:52

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I am having the same problem for London. LineageOS 14, Osmand 3.3.6. No matter what, if I type in an address or postcode, I always get "Could not find anything: 6.21 mi". Partial address searching, which is what I would usually need, does not work, too. I am pressing the magnifier glass on the map screen to start. My device is resource constrained, so I cannot download offline maps. If I browse the map, I can see that the target address or POI is listed. I just can't search for it.

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answered 06 Apr '19, 11:51

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Please don't add a new answer if you have the same problem. Did you try pressing the online search button at the bottom if you don't have any offline map installed? Also this is not a bug reporter for OsmAnd. Report OsmAnd bugs at or!forum/osmand instead. OsmAnd is developed by an independent company.

(08 Apr '19, 09:18) scai ♦

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