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Hi, I just started mapping for OSM. :)

I read through the wiki guides and tried to prevent common failures I heard about. Still, I want to make sure I don't mess anything up or forget something.

Is there any way to get a more experienced user taking a look at my work?

asked 02 Jun '11, 18:09

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I don't know of such system but I've been pondering about the same thing (that could help with some of the quality issues we have in Haiti).

I guess that some email list might be a better place for discussing this (and it may well have been discussed already) but my thoughts:

You can always send a request to your local email list (or why not the main talk list?) for someone to review your changes. Problems with this are at least that this is not a "system" not at least a system with tickets (if that's what you were thinking of). Also, I can't think of a convenient way to review your edits; other than sending someone your .osm file (doesn't work with Potlatch edits). Your changeset history shows the bounding boxes of your edits so reviewing the area that you have edited to see if anything stands out (without looking at the exact details of your edits) is easy.

As per how to avoid mistakes, mess up anything or forget something -- it's practically impossible not to. The only way to avoid mistakes is not to edit. I've messed up a number of times and I don't know any mapper who wouldn't have at some point. So don't fret too much -- but do try to avoid messing up "needlessly" (as you are). And try to learn to identify your mistakes in your own review so you can correct them when you see them.

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answered 02 Jun '11, 22:21

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read the wiki and the answers to this question "what-are-the-most-common-mapping-mistakes-that-other-users-make" don't worry, as jaakkoh says we have all made mistakes in the past and probably will again but you or others will improve the map over time.the fact you are concerned suggests you'll do your best.

(02 Jun '11, 23:06) andy mackey

If you edit with JOSM the mappers who have worked in the area can be seen, you could then perhaps get one of them to check a bit of your work for advice or comments

(02 Jun '11, 23:13) andy mackey

Thanks for your replies :)

The mailing list is a good idea. Also, I shouted for help on twitter and someone volunteered to review my changesets. :)

(03 Jun '11, 11:09) chris_b

Rather than emailing the main talk list, try the osm-newbies list instead. They're always happy to look over the edits of new mappers.

(01 Nov '11, 13:20) Matt Williams

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