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I'm using OSM in my project's and somhow confused about it's functionality.

My issue is:

I'm using the "OSM Nominatim data" whit ability to click on map and get location information.

What i'm intresting of, is the (for me) basic information "Street and Street number" when i click on a location on the map.

This works perfektly for me at 90% of all cases, but if someone has added (for example) a store name or other (for my mind) overlayed information.... The basic street name and number will not be gathered !! Instead i get location information... THE STORE NAME !?

Aint this a fundamental OSM - BAsic Information Prioryty ERROR ??

BeRg /MA

asked 08 Mar '17, 19:56

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Nominatim is not limited to address lookups; it tries to describe as good as possible the coordinate pair that you input. If the coordinate pair refers to a bus stop or a shop, Nominiatim will give you that information. To a degree you can influence the search by specifying a "zoom" parameter in your search.

If your use case calls for an address-only search engine, you can download the Nominatim source code, install it on your own server, load the OSM data, and modify the code to return only the information that you need for your projects.

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answered 08 Mar '17, 20:14

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks for understanding my answer "FR".

I still think this is strange....

The factum that "we can't determine" In the Nominative functionality what info level we want iformation about. Ex. (Streeet / Number) or (Store / Citisen).

What do Y Think ?

I might go som lesson with Y here :)


(08 Mar '17, 20:44) G2Map

I have tried the following two queries on nominatim


In both cases it returns the complete address. In the first case, the address information is on the building in which the POI is placed, in the second case on the POI itself.

Can you show us the node on which the lookup does not work. Perhaps the address information is not in the OSM database. Addresss information is not complete in OSM. So maybe it is just a missing address ?

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answered 09 Mar '17, 04:28

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Hi "escada" and thanks for your responce.

Sice i'm programing, I use the XML responce facility and reverse geocoding function by lat and lon cords.

Y can get info about this facility at link:

If You try this link, You will get a XML responce to your browser that demonstrate my issue:

The request respond: ... <building>Sickla Fritidsgård</building> <road>Sickla Strand</road> ...

But I think it should respond: ... <house_number>68</house_number> <road>Sickla Strand</road> ...

Why is it responding building when pointing at number 68 ?? /MA

(09 Mar '17, 09:45) G2Map

Nominatim cannot respond with the house number 68 because the house number is a node (not on the way representing the building).

Nominatim never brings house numbers of individual nodes on to the building level, even when the node belongs to the contour (or way) of the building. So as far as Nominatim is concerned, the building has no house number. Hence any point within the building will have no house number.

Nominatim will bring any address information on the way of the building to nodes included inside the building though. However, some countries (Denmark, The Netherlands) only have address points, which makes Nominatim less useful in your case.

(09 Mar '17, 09:53) escada

Thnk's for a god explanation "escada".


(09 Mar '17, 09:59) G2Map

Is there any way to get a XML responce with node information only (= only nearest roadnumber and street) whitout installing the sourcecode ??


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answered 09 Mar '17, 10:08

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edited 09 Mar '17, 10:37

I have no idea, but it even when it is possible, it might return the wrong number for your building, the numbers on the other side of the street might be closer than the 68, which is on the top right corner.

(for the other readers, this is the area: )

(09 Mar '17, 11:00) escada

meta: please could you have a look at faq and try to stick to the format of this site? If this is a new question, please ask as a new question. If it is a clarification question regarding an answer, please use "add as comment".

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