I'm new to OSM and I'm particularly interested in address point data. Currently I'm hoping to extract address point data using osmosis:

osmosis --rx washington-latest.osm --tf accept-nodes 'addr:housenumber=', 'addr:street=' --tf reject-ways --tf reject-relations --wx ap_hn_st_nd_only.osm

I found that many nodes that have housenumber and street information do not have a city or state tag. For instance:

<node id="31368542" version="8" timestamp="2016-07-08T22:50:39Z" uid="137875" user="lukobe" changeset="40602379" lat="47.6611364" lon="-122.3140309"> <tag k="name" v="Neptune Theatre"/> <tag k="source" v="local knowledge"/> <tag k="amenity" v="theatre"/> <tag k="addr:street" v="Northeast 45th Street"/> <tag k="addr:housenumber" v="1303"/> </node>

Is there a way to find out and backfill the data? For my use case, housenumber, street, city, and state are indispensable.

asked 05 Mar '17, 18:59

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The safest way would be loading the whole Washington file into a database with osm2pgsql (use hstore!) and then copy interesting objects into a new table, filling in missing state (well all should be Washington, right?) and city info based on what polygons the points are in.

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answered 05 Mar '17, 19:25

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Thank you for the suggestion. Actually, we are working on extracting address point data at different countries. As far as I understand, in many countries (other than US), I can download data in the country-level granularity.

Does OSM provide administrative boundary data as well (e.g., city, state)? If yes, I assume the type should be relation, right? If I understand you correctly, I probably can backfill missing city/state information in terms of the point-in-polygon relationship?

(06 Mar '17, 04:45) zlzhao1104
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