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Is there a way to 'filter' map elements by their tags to create eg. a moped map?

asked 05 Mar '17, 11:23

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Have a look at this routing app It has a moped mode. If you read the help file you will find that you can make up your own special text file to use with it and if you take your time to digest it you will find it is quite easy to use. Apart from using the web version, there is an Android app too.

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answered 05 Mar '17, 12:52

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I still would want to get a browseable map at least highlighting moped-tagged items. The map and/or routing doesn't work yet in my area. Perhaps I must correct the map to be useful for moped routing, the only issue is that I have edited OSM many years ago and the tools have changed...

(05 Mar '17, 13:43) Mandibela

The openpoimap may be useful to find moped and mofa tags We rarely see mopeds where I live so unlikely to see much on maps near me but I expect that you would need to add tags to ways that are suitable for their use.

(05 Mar '17, 15:15) nevw
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answered 05 Mar '17, 11:47

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Sadly, none of these methods is really viable for me at the moment (or anyone) without a proper pc and extensive technical knowledge. No online service for data analysis exist?

(05 Mar '17, 12:27) Mandibela

Overpass API has online instances.

(05 Mar '17, 13:43) yvecai

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