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I need to get a bus lane coordinates from Open Street Map. Is it any way to do it?

I looked into API, but in export file I can't find any suitable tags, like <busway> and etc.

asked 02 Mar '17, 08:58

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Mikhail Slou...
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aseerel4c26 ♦

Can you give an example of a bus lane that you'd like to get details for? Just go to , move the map to the relevant place and copy the browser's URL bar.

(02 Mar '17, 09:12) SomeoneElse ♦

Before you attempt to query information from OSM, you should learn a bit about the tagging schema. What do you mean with a bus lane ? One the the examples you see on this wiki page ? Or a street (or service road) that can only be used by busses ? In the later case it might be tagged as highway=service;access=no;bus=yes (or some variations on the access part) Or do you mean bus routes ?

When you know how something is tagged, you can use e.g. Overpass-Turbo to extract data. Alternatively you can download extracts from cities, countries or the whole planet file and manipulate the data locally with e.g. osmfilter or put everything in a PostGis database and run queries there.

You can also download OSM data directly into QGIS and do manipulations in that software.

It all depends on the geographical area, the frequency with which you want to update the data and the use you will make of the "GPX coordinates" of the bus lanes.

Please note that depending on the country/city you are interested in, the information might be complete and up-to-date, a bit out-of-date all the way to non-existing (not mapped so far) in a particular area.

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answered 03 Mar '17, 07:43

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With a bus lane I mean road dedicated to buses only. And i need to get GPS coordinates of it. And also I'm really interesting in: who adds this information into the OSM system?

(07 Mar '17, 06:56) Mikhail Slou...

OSM is contributor driven. Any contributor can add the information they want. There is no board that dictates that you have to add this or that information. So you could add this information as well (preferable after visiting a place and not by importing it from some government database.

As I said, a road dedicated to busses could be mapped with highway=service; access=no ; bus = yes. This would mean that no other vehicle nor pedestrians are allowed on that road. But in case cyclists and pedestrians are allowed, it could be mapped as motor_vehicle = no ; bus = yes. Read the wiki page on Access for more information. It depends on the local situation which access tags will be used. It is also possible that the mapper used highway=residential instead of service. O yes, people might have used psv instead of bus as well.

I also wonder how many roads are dedicated to busses. It might depend on the area you are interested in.

So with some OverPass query you can retrieve the ways. the nodes with have a long/lat. The query will have to cope with several different tagging possibiities (see above).

(07 Mar '17, 07:10) escada

There are many ways to do this. The simplest way is right-clicking on the bus lane on and select "Centre map here" and then copy the coordinates from your browsers address line.

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answered 02 Mar '17, 09:11

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Unfortunately, it's not suits me, because I need coordinates of an all bus lane. With all turns. It's would be very hard to do it in this case.

(02 Mar '17, 09:21) Mikhail Slou...

How about something like then? (choose from a nummber of download options under the Export button.)

(02 Mar '17, 09:32) Hjart

The bus lane that you're looking at there is actually broken up into many parts such as and . You would be able to retrieve each of these parts using something like Overpass, but would have to do something else to join them together.

(02 Mar '17, 09:41) SomeoneElse ♦

But how can I receive a gps coordinates?

(02 Mar '17, 10:28) Mikhail Slou...

Am I right, that users usually add bus lanes into the map? And in some other city I can be not able to find any bus lane in Export file is no one added it?

(02 Mar '17, 10:38) Mikhail Slou...

It depends what you mean by "bus lane". In your example there's a service road dedicated to buses only which connects to , on which there is no bus lane information.

(02 Mar '17, 10:47) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes, actually, that is what I need: service road dedicated to buses only. I thought that it's also called bus lane. So, how can I get gps coordinates off it? And who adds this service roads dedicated to buses only, users or some OSM administrators?

(07 Mar '17, 06:51) Mikhail Slou...
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