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Hi there, I have a question if OpenStreetMap and OpenStreetMap API work fine in Palestine, i`am using google map in my taxi application like Uber but the problem is cant fetching my address, after that i figured that google map not working in Palestine its blocked by Israel government.

So its possible to use OpenStreetMap and OpenStreetMap API in my taxi application in Palestine ?

asked 02 Mar '17, 07:29

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Try it. We don't know which services the government blocks and this can change any minute.

(02 Mar '17, 07:57) scai ♦

The Israeli government blocks google map service in Palestine from google map not from company provide internet or some applications. So in your policy there are some area is Blocked ? because if i want to try OpenStreetMap it will take 45 days so i want clear answer if it possible or not ...

(02 Mar '17, 08:04) Wadee3

With openstreetmap the main API is used just for editing - you have the option of downloading the data yourself and running your own geocoding server locally. However, I don't know whether openstreetmap data will be complete enough where you are for satisfactory geocoding and reverse geocoding. I'd try "where am I searches" at openstreetmap.org and searches using http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org in order to check.

(02 Mar '17, 08:55) SomeoneElse ♦

Try http://pelias.io/ open source project by Mapzen for geocode service with OSM data. But as @SomeoneElse said you need to check the completeness of OSM data in your area.

(02 Mar '17, 09:48) Gagan

There is no known blockade of OpenStreetMap in Palestine, but to make sure check if you are able to reach www.openstreetmap.org, tile.openstreetmap.org (for map tiles), nominatim.openstreetmap.org (for address search), ... etc (depending on the services you need).

If you want to build your app more resilient to potential internet blockades in future you might choose to either run your own map tile/nominatim server within Palestine (see wiki for installation) or, if you want to be able to use it even if the whole internet/mobile network is shut down, download the data onto your mobile device and use it offline. Apps like OsmAnd can give you an idea what is possible (maybe you are even able to integrate already existing offline-apps into your taxi app, then you don't need to reinvent the wheel).

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answered 02 Mar '17, 10:41

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For both offline & open-street map, we need below points needs to be confirmed 1. Android & iOS SDK and guidance 2. Geo coding API 3. Place suggestion API 4. Distance API 5. Routes API 6. Web view MAP and API support

Thank you.

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answered 09 Mar '17, 08:20

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If you have any more questions to ask, please ask them as new questions, rather than as a "new answer" here. As I said above, you have the option of downloading the data yourself and running your own geocoding server locally.

You'll need to ask more specific questions though - "Android & iOS SDK and guidance" is not really anything that anyone can answer.

(09 Mar '17, 09:24) SomeoneElse ♦
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