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Hi, I'm a bit confused about how I should map this :

water tap

To my knowledge, I can either map it as amenity=drinking_water or as man_made=water_tap, but the first doesn't seem to fit, the second is a bit better but isn't rendered... I don't know what that means and which one I should use...

Sorry if the question is stupid, but couldn't figure out just by googleing or searching the wiki...

Thanks in advance for your help!

asked 16 Feb '17, 08:19

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The tags in use in OSM have evolved rather than being designed, so there are cases like this one where more than one tag might apply.

Personally, I'd use the one that you think "best fits", based on how other people are using those tags. That might mean you end up using both.

I wouldn't worry too much about whether any particular map renders a particular tag or not. There are many different map renderers, and the map that you see as the default at is seen by a small minority of those using OSM data.

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answered 16 Feb '17, 10:29

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Hi, choose amenity=drinking water it already has its own icon and visibility. And beware, dont tag for the renderer, just to get it on the map KISS.

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answered 16 Feb '17, 08:57

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Okay, thanks, maybe I could use both?

(16 Feb '17, 10:06) thomaskuntzz

Why add another tag for the same item, whats wrong with KISS ? You could add extra's such as how the crane opperates or when, its material, or operator but thats it.

(16 Feb '17, 10:19) Hendrikklaas

Nothing is wrong with KISS, but I think in this case it's better to use both, so that it's more accurate and also more useful because visible on the map 🙂

(16 Feb '17, 10:40) thomaskuntzz

I have seen some historic, similar ones to this in Bedfordshire UK which are only ornaments now, does the one in the picture actual deliver drinking water? If not a historic tag and don't use drinking water tag.

(16 Feb '17, 18:40) andy mackey

I'll agree with Andy. For some reason, those historic water taps should/could be mapped as man_made=water_well ; historic=yes ; pump=manual (see the third example on )

(17 Feb '17, 08:25) escada
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answered 05 Sep '21, 04:26

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fountain=* is a subkey. When used it still needs a primary key as for example amenity=drinking_water.

(06 Sep '21, 08:42) TZorn

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