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hi all,

so here's the deal. some friends of mine and me a trying to test every single bar in our city, but just the other day we ended up being in the same bar, not realizing we were all there until pretty late. we felt so awkward about that, that i decided we needed a map where everyone can tag the bars she has been or is going to go to and write a little comment. but i really dont want to use google. and it would be nice to have a more elegant way than just tagging the adresses. i have been trying to create a map with JOSM and merkaartor, but i am just overwhelmed by the colors of all different objects, lines and whatnot. i downloaded a map from osm servers, but there is just too much information. we do have shared data like dropbox and my idea is to have a map there that can be edited by anyone. but i know my ladies and as soon as it gets too complicated, nobody will use it... i am grateful for any advice on which software to use or how to set up what i want, or a link where i can find the info myself. ideally i am aiming for a database of all bars with comments and addresses that automatically tags them in our map-


asked 15 Feb '17, 15:28

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Did you already take a look at uMap?

permanent link

answered 15 Feb '17, 15:41

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no i havent. well i have now, and it really did the trick! thank you

(18 Feb '17, 22:13) coennek

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