is there any way I could buy your cycle map for my Android phone? I know there are apps (both for Android and PC) that are able to download maps from your servers but as I want to download large amount of maps - Czech republic in all zoom levels - i have a feeling i should pay for that rather than just downloading it. So is there any way how to buy these maps?

Regards, Michal

asked 31 May '11, 09:25

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There is no way to "pay for the map" as such, but you are welcome to make a donation. There is a make a donation link on the bottom left of the main osm website.

Note however that bulk-downloading rendered tiles for a whole country from the main server might be considered too-heavy usage. Consider instead downloading a data extract as one file, for example from cloudmade. Your software will have to work a little harder to diplay this, but it will be much more compact and will enable you to search for streets, etc.

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answered 31 May '11, 11:38

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All maps shown on the OpenStreetMap front page use OSM's data, however not all of them are operated by the organisation behind OSM. Instead, some of them are operated by independent third parties, and are included on osm.org to show case the various things one can do with the data OpenStreetMap provides.

As such, each map has a different "tile usage policy" depending on who operates that particular map and may have a different stance on bulk downloading.

Although the organisation behind OpenStreetMap does not offer payed for tile downloading and thus their tiles (which corresponds to the "mapnik" tile view on osm.org) are only available under its tile usage policy, which does not allow for bulk downloading, their are commercial companies that do.

Coming to answer your question more directly, the cycle map shown on osm.org is operated by Andy Allen, who also runs a consultancy for OSM services, so it might well be possible to buy bulk downloading rights from him. For more details, you would need to contact him directly though.

Donations to OpenStreetMap directly to support the collection of the data, however, are of cause also very welcome... :-)

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answered 31 May '11, 17:27

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I guess the only way is http://donate.openstreetmap.org/

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answered 31 May '11, 12:09

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Thanks for answers guys. I will definitely make a donation as I think you are really doing great job. Let me ask you - that cloudmade planet maps in OSM XML format - does it include cycle maps as well?

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answered 31 May '11, 14:30

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