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I'm currently fixing some tags conflict with osmose and found some cases where the tags "in conflict" seems appropriate for me.

ex: A farmer's school farmland tagged as landuse=farmland and amenity=school. Ok, this is very unusual but it's just correct. And because they are selling their product, there is also the tag shop=greengrocer (which I would have use a node in this case).

ex2: A plaza where car are allowed to park. How to tag when amenity=parking and highways=pedestrian (area=yes) are in conflict.

ex3: A community center where you also can practice sports. amenity=community_centre and leisure=sports_centre are in conflict.

So, is there, somewhere, a wiki page with a discussion on which tags are in conflict and which tags can be combined?


asked 09 Feb '17, 08:02

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All tags can be combined; the mapper (and not the QA tool) is the ultimate authority on what is correct. The QA tool should be careful to call these situations "potential conflicts" since, as you have shown, they need not necessarily be in conflict. Ideally, the QA tool would have a way for the mapper to say "ok this is not really a problem, I have looked at the situation and the tags accurately describe the situation on the ground", and the "problem" should then not be reported any longer.

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So, if I judge this specials cases are ok, and flag these as false positive but someone else do not agree (I may be wrong), we just arguing on this modification group and that's all?

Can I, for exemple, ask others opinion on the discussion tab on the wiki landuse=farmland or amenity=school?

(09 Feb '17, 08:30) Metaltyty

You can ask the opinion of othes here, on the wiki page, a forum, the tagging mailing list, a local facebook group, etc. You might get different answer on what the best way is to tag each of the mentioned situations. You do not have to do this for each tagging you apply. If you feel comfortable, just map it. Others , that also surveyed the place locally can still contact you to suggest improvements.

(09 Feb '17, 12:25) escada

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