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good day,

i mapping the forest and allocated forest compartment - example. But number (tag -ref) not showing in center of object (must be displayed italic digits). This number is very important for orientation, its value is equal to the number of houses on the street.

asked 07 Feb '17, 07:46

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About which map/map style or usage are you talking? Did they show up before or somewhere else?

(07 Feb '17, 07:51) aseerel4c26 ♦

default and use mapnik to transfer maps to the mobile device

(07 Feb '17, 07:56) de1phi

The default map style does not and cannot show everything that people might want it to show.

If you would like to suggest an enhancement to the style, you can do so here: .

It is up to the cartographers to decide whether the map should include it, and if so, and in what style they should do so - it may not be included at all, or not in the italics you have suggested. Generally, features that are frequently used have a better chance of being included. You can see the full criteria at .

If you would like to see something on the map which isn't shown by the default style, you can create your own style and host it yourself. has the technical information on how to do that.

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answered 08 Feb '17, 08:28

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number of forest area is not what I want to see it. All forests are divided into operators. Operators for their part are separated whole forest on the numbered forest areas. Many sources locate a specific object is described as a number of forest area in the forest, and it turns out that the person knows the number of forest area, but can not find a place on the map.

(08 Feb '17, 10:29) de1phi

at present I suspect the number of mapped forest compartments is too small to be considered for CartoCSS at present. However I believe showing compartments is a necessary part of the mapping of large forests and I would be willing to support any enhancement request with further examples. As compartment numbers/references are unlikely to clash with many other cartographic features I dont forsee this to be overly complex to implement. However, I am not a member of the CartoCSS maintenance team & the final judgement is theirs.

Originally Hike & Bike map showed some compartment markers, but it does not appear to do so now. It may be worth contacting the maintainers of that map who have been interested in this issue for a long time.

(08 Feb '17, 13:20) SK53 ♦

you can pay attention developers to this moment? you have a hight reputation on this portal and they can listen to your opinion. I would be very grateful.

Many people simply do not mapping numbers, as they are not displayed on the map. If the numbers/ref forest area will be displayed, users will actively mapping the numbers of forest areas.

(08 Feb '17, 13:32) de1phi

How do you know the number ? Is it signposted by markers with a number ? If so map the markers and add the parcel number to the outline of the parcel.

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answered 07 Feb '17, 10:03

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Forest Quarter designated cutlines, roads, rivers. At the intersection of Quarter set special poles with numberes. The main orientation of the forests is performed by quarters, so the display numbers is very important.

(07 Feb '17, 11:58) de1phi

alt text

on image: 'c' - north, 'ю' - south

the edge between the two lowest numbers indicates the direction of the south.

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answered 07 Feb '17, 17:07

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You could mark the pylons conform these lines part of link If more than one reference is given, you are recommended to separate them with a semicolon and without a space character, because this is the widely established syntax in Germany and maybe other countries. But note, this syntax is being heavily discussed in Germany. A better approach might be to have a namespace and add the entity that has issued the ref, e.g. ref:foo=x ref:bar=y. I would use ref:east=28 ref:west=27 or north and south if necessary to tag the markers in the wood. And use ref:loc=28 for the parcel numbers of each wood area.

(07 Feb '17, 21:05) Hendrikklaas

Looking as forest area marked in Russia and made an example (link in first msg). Identified four cutlines, which limit the forest area, merged cutlines in multipolygon and assigned a number (ref=#). But the problem is that the ref should be displayed in the center of multipolygon. Link to the image with the correct display forest area Ref number - To display of who issued the room is "operator" tag.

(08 Feb '17, 05:37) de1phi

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