Hello, I'm using umap for my mobile application. My map, with many markers, is integrate in the application with an iframe. It's only a trial for now, everything was working fine, but since I had some users on the application, my map does't appears anymore on the phone. When I open it with my computer as a guest, it is written in red "certificate error" in the url. Even with this messagen the map can be open with a computer, but does't work anymore with my application, it only appears a blank page.

Somebody has the solution?


asked 06 Feb '17, 06:58

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Hello, Same error on many websites using iframe from umap.openstreetmap.co : SEC ERROR EXPIRED CERTIFICATE, Expire after : Wed, 06 Apr 2022 10:33:20 GMT,using Firefox.

And a message "unavailable" with Chrome.

Who could be interested bu the information ?

Thanks for help.

(07 Apr '22, 08:23) Max-Com

Same answer as back in 2017 applies. Could you not reach someone from openstreetmap.co? Perhaps on Telegram?

(07 Apr '22, 11:51) TZorn

Hey, Thanks... i have sent the same message on Github issues.

The whole url "umap.openstreetmap.co" is out of order (maybe just for me, or my computer). I don't really know what's the difference, but i have done new maps on "umap.openstreetmap.fr" so i'm fine, and the clients too.

(07 Apr '22, 14:55) Max-Com

If I scroll around www.openstreetmap.co a bit (and I don't speak Spanish) I find: Canal Telegram OSMColombia, info@openstreetmap.co, Mailinglist to contact OSM Colombia. I suggest you try contacting them there.

(08 Apr '22, 10:32) TZorn

The certificate for umap.openstreetmap.fr expired on 6th February 2017 02:13 AM. Please try to get in contact with the server administrator(s), see UMap Feedback and help.

Update: Meanwhile the issue has been resolved.

permanent link

answered 06 Feb '17, 07:52

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ok, thank you, but where I can contact them? I don't understand why it's been expired on 6th? Is it related to my application or nothing at all?

(06 Feb '17, 07:57) AdrienG19

I would try the GitHub issue tracker or the #umap IRC channel on Freenode. Oh, I see you already did this in issue 440.

No, it isn't related to your application. Most certificates have a life span and have to get renewed periodically or become invalid.

(06 Feb '17, 08:14) scai ♦
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