I want a control circle as a icon (transparent). That I can set on in Mappaintstyle. Josm and zoom levels, in relation to the length and width of an icon

Is there a table to see these relations? zoomlevel 1= x px or x mm zoomlevel 2 = y px or y mm

So I can make for every zoomlevel a icon.

For example 500 meter icons

asked 05 Feb '17, 18:30

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just for clarification: is your question about programming a map style for JOSM?

And please could you emphasize your "question"? I do not see a single "?" in your text. :-)

(05 Feb '17, 19:34) aseerel4c26 ♦

My question is about the size for making icons for use in the Map Paint Style. So that i can give (programming mapstyle) each zoomlevel, there own icon. That size fits, for example 500 meter radius on each zoomlevel.

There must be a relation between zoomlevel, size of the icon, to showing the correct, example 500 meter radius circle on the map. Just like the distance indicator on the JOSM screen. I would like to have a circle on a node.

I was looking for this JOSM relation table.

Also for programming mapstyle. Node is the middle of the circle. Must be set like; icon-offset-x:65;
icon-offset-y:65; must be the middle of the icon and maybe there is information if you have a icon in px or mm, what this offset is. to set middle point.

(05 Feb '17, 21:32) Allroads

If you want to display a circle then using symbol instead of an icon sounds more reasonable. See https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Help/Styles/MapCSSImplementation#Iconandsymbolstyles

Regarding size calculations, you could have a look how its done in the Lane and Road Attributes mappaint style https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Styles/Lane_and_Road_Attributes

some extracts from there:

/* Pixel per metre (on average) */
*|z16  { pixel_per_metre: 0.625; }
*|z17  { pixel_per_metre: 1.25; }
*|z18  { pixel_per_metre: 2.5; }
*|z19  { pixel_per_metre: 5; }
*|z20  { pixel_per_metre: 10; }
*|z21  { pixel_per_metre: 20; }
*|z22  { pixel_per_metre: 40; }
*|z23  { pixel_per_metre: 80; }
*|z24  { pixel_per_metre: 160; }
*|z25  { pixel_per_metre: 320; }
*|z26- { pixel_per_metre: 640; }

/* Street lamp */  
symbol-shape: circle;
symbol-size: eval(12 * prop(pixel_per_metre,"default"));
symbol-fill-color: white;
symbol-fill-opacity: 0.07;
symbol-shape: circle;
symbol-size: eval(18 * prop(pixel_per_metre,"default"));
symbol-fill-color: white;
symbol-fill-opacity: 0.05;
symbol-shape: circle;
symbol-size: eval(25 * prop(pixel_per_metre,"default"));
symbol-fill-color: white;
symbol-fill-opacity: 0.05;
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answered 11 Apr '17, 21:56

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Thanks, I must try it out.

(11 Apr '17, 22:47) Allroads
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