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There are three roads meeting up in a junction. In reality, there should be only two of them making a T junction, and the third road meets up further away.

Is it possible to detach the junction point of the one road and move it elsewhere? Currently when I try to move the point, the other two roads move along. I tried deleting the point, but it got deleted for all three roads, and for two of them it was crucial, as they have only two points in total anyway.

asked 30 May '11, 19:54

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Select the road. Then select the point, and press '-'.

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answered 30 May '11, 20:03

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Thanks, it did delete only the point for that one road.

(30 May '11, 20:08) Jānis

This depends which editor you are using:

  • Potlatch (on-line editor). I can think of two ways of doing this. (1) Select the junction node and then Shift-J should unconnect all ways. The node may change appearance to show that multiple nodes lie at the same point. You will now need to find the node belonging to the way you want to move and move it. Rejoin the remaining two nodes by selecting one and "J". This approach is a bit messy, but probably easier to understand. (2) Select the junction node and cycle through the 3 ways using the "/" key. When you find the way which does not belong to the junction "-" will delete the node from that way only.
  • JOSM (off-line editor). Nodes can be 'unglued' using the "g" key press, again finding the relevant way and rejoining ways ("j") can be done as for Potlatch, but I don't know JOSM well enough to propose a more elegant approach. This video by Russ Nelson may be of some use.
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answered 30 May '11, 20:11

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edited 30 May '11, 20:17

Thanks for the instructions! (I'm using Potlatch.) I bet these are hidden somewhere deep in the user manual? :D Or is there some command-key list?

(30 May '11, 20:16) Jānis

There's an embedded list of short-cut keys for Potlatch: choose help. For JOSM I'm not so sure.

(30 May '11, 20:18) SK53 ♦

Thanks! I was looking at the left menu instead. Probably didn't click on that Potlatch Help in fear of refreshing the page while I was editing. :)

(30 May '11, 20:36) Jānis

This is a link to the wiki for more info

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answered 31 May '11, 12:19

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andy mackey
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