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Greetings. I'm about to visit the USA. I can't download 1 map of the states, because of the file size, so what is the best way to go about this? Many thanks from a nubee!

asked 31 Jan '17, 21:39

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hi, welcome! :-) Could you please let us know some more details: For which device do you want to download a map? For which software? What is your size limit? Which type of map do you need?

(31 Jan '17, 21:58) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi. I have an ETREX30x. I'm using Mapsource on my computer. I'm about to buy some 4/8gb SD cards. I have been using Generic routable(new style) maps and have been happy with them! Basically, I'm wanting a road map to use when I visit. I'm going to be visiting quite a few states during my travels! Happy to answer any other questions!

(31 Jan '17, 22:06) kiwiowen

I guess you were downloading from .

Did you see that you can custom-select areas on ("Enable manual tile selection")? That may help to reduce the file size and/or split the desired area into slices which fit on one of your SD cards each.

There are many other OSM-based Garmin maps - see . Some may show less detail and are smaller that way.+

Third option: as far as I know (but I newer used Mapsource myself) you can select map areas to be transferred in mapsource, too.

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answered 31 Jan '17, 22:14

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Thanks for your reply. I'm in the process of downloading a map from the link you gave me. Will see how it goes. Many thanks, and will keep you informed of my progress!

(31 Jan '17, 23:29) kiwiowen

@kiwiowen: thanks for any feedback — that helps others with the same question, too!

(31 Jan '17, 23:38) aseerel4c26 ♦

There is also the collection of files for the US compiled by Dave Hansen:

(01 Feb '17, 07:12) escada

It seems I have written an incorrect note. I did download a file from: USA Basiskarte TK-USA-Basemap.7z (MD5) 2016-11-04, 13:52 2804 MB Basis (Straßen, Flächen, Routing, Adressuche, POIs...). However, I don't speak German, so didnt continue with this. I did follow the link from Escada's post and after working through the installation process, the map of the USA works! Thanks, Escada!

(02 Feb '17, 03:22) kiwiowen

@kiwiowen: where did you find the "USA Basiskarte"? Translated to English it means: "USA base map TK-USA-Basemap.7z (MD5) 2016-11-04, 13:52 2804 MB Base (streets, areas, routing, address search, POIs)."

Thank you for the feedback regarding a working map.

(02 Feb '17, 20:27) aseerel4c26 ♦

hi aseerel4c26. Searching through the OSM site I came across this page: I downloaded the file I mentioned, but because of the language difficulty, I didn't go any further with it. I then went to the site with Dave Hansen. Thanks for your translation!

(02 Feb '17, 22:23) kiwiowen
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