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I am new here so maybe I am missing something that is basic.

I have a latitude and longitude data(specific point and not an box) and I want to know which place is it was.

From my basic knowledge with osm, maybe i am looking for tags map( )?

I will be also glad to have some basic tutorial how to work with osm through java/c# .

Thanks for any help...

asked 27 Jan '17, 09:59

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First of all thank you both a lot. By saying POI my final goal is to represent a place with tags for example: for the coordinates: 51.56100, 10.83576 it will be classify as "Home" and for 51.56100, 11.83576 it will be classify as "Work". I wand to this with some extra information about the coordinates (Node tags?), and not to get the full address. How can i do it? thanks again.

(30 Jan '17, 11:55) adirsolo

See my answer. With Overpass API you can retrieve all "extra information" available in OSM.

(30 Jan '17, 12:13) scai ♦

It sounds as if you might be looking for Reverse Geocoding, something you can do with Nominatim. Nominatim has a JSON API, so you can use standard web access methods to call it from Java or C#.

If you plan to publish software that makes frequent use of Nominatim, you should probably set up your own Nominatim server instead of relying on the donation-funded server operated by OSM itself - see the usage policy.

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answered 27 Jan '17, 10:51

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Do you want to get the POI(s) or "know which place is" the coordinates describe?

For retrieving all POIs of this area: Use Overpass API. Let's say your coordinates are lat 51.56100 and lon 10.83576. The following Overpass API query will return all OSM elements within 25 of these coordinates:

out body;
out skel qt;

You can view the result at overpass turbo. Note that you can retrieve these results programmatically (example) because overpass turbo is just a nice web frontend to Overpass API.

For knowing which place/address the coordinates describe: Use the reverse-geocoding of Nominatim or one of the other OSM-based search engines. Example call for Nominatim for the same coordinates as above:

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answered 27 Jan '17, 11:05

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