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Which tags should be used for golf cart parking? The golf course I'm mapping parks their carts on a fenced off section of the car parking lot.

The tags I plan to use are:




I'm questioning the use of "amenity=parking" as the wiki description is "A place for parking cars".

There is the "amenity=motorcycle parking" tag, so would "amenity=golfcart_parking" be valid?

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asked 26 Jan '17, 14:49

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In general golf specific tags use the golf key, so rather than amenity=golfcart_parking I would suggest golf=cart_parking. You may also consult current usage for golf cart tracks as this is another precedent.

What you should not do is use amenity=parking: such usage degrades the meaning of the tag and eventually introduces the need for additional tags to provide the original meaning.

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answered 26 Jan '17, 19:09

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I'm going to down vote my answer and up vote SK53's as using a golf=cart_parking keeps it in the same key space as other golf related items so it should be easier to use and remember. And if you update the wiki page for the golf tag to include that others mapping golf courses will see it when researching anything about tagging golf courses.

(27 Jan '17, 00:33) n76

Looking at the wiki it seems the precedence is for things like amenity=bicycle_parking, amenity=motorcycle_parking, etc. In taginfo I see a few instances of amenity=horse_parking, amenity=bus_parking and even amenity=dog_parking which seems to carry on that theme (though I wonder what "dog parking" might be). So from that point of view amenity=golf_cart_parking or amenity=golfcart_parking seem reasonable.

I believe the generally preferred way to create a new tag is to discuss it on the tagging email list so I feel obliged to mention it. If you do that, be prepared to have it "bike-shedded" to death.

That said, were I you, I'd probably pick the tagging that makes the most sense as there seems to be no existing model, use it and add it to the wiki so the next person with this tagging situation can follow your lead.

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answered 26 Jan '17, 15:50

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