My community has an airstrip name Smith Airport and this no longer exists as it's now just a bunch of houses.

How can I remove it?

asked 25 Jan '17, 17:54

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login to, find the airport, click "edit", select the relevant node or polygon, delete it, then save.

permanent link

answered 25 Jan '17, 18:34

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Thanks for your time. The airport name can only be seen at zoom levels outside of edit. When I zoom in to edit, there is no sign of an airport. Nothing to select.

(25 Jan '17, 18:53) Scoochydc

Can you give us an OSM link to this airport?

(25 Jan '17, 19:15) scai ♦

It is likely that the tiles at those zoom levels just haven't been re-rendered since the edit.

(25 Jan '17, 20:17) neuhausr

I don't see any airport at that spot at any zoom level (or am I missing something?)

(26 Jan '17, 13:03) Hjart

For some reason it is only visable in edit mode, and even then you need to zoom out past the edit mode allowance.

(26 Jan '17, 13:54) Scoochydc

For clarification, that's not "in OSM" - that's iD's "locator overlay", and shows things that were in OSM at some point in the past (days/weeks/months ago). If you disable the "locator overlay" in iD in edit mode (just untick the box) you'll see things that are in OSM now.

(26 Jan '17, 14:13) SomeoneElse ♦

I see it in iD too when zoomed out, but I have no idea why. I tried loading the area in JOSM and didn't find it and running over the area doesn't reveal anything in the area either.

(26 Jan '17, 14:14) Hjart

Using Overpass Turbo's "diff" functionality ( ), I was able to find the mystery airport: It was removed 7 months ago.

(26 Jan '17, 16:59) alester
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