I want to distinguish between small ferry terminals (e.g. node 3456702076) and large ones (e.g. Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal).

In the ones I've examined there's nothing in the tagging that distinguishes them, and taginfo doesn't show any commonly used tags with amenity=ferry_terminal that would help.

What properties can a data consumer use to tell the difference between these?

asked 19 Jan '17, 22:30

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Yes would be useful. I was very alarmed to see a big ferry signpost in Poland, only to encounter a tiny 2-3 car chain-ferry in 2012. One thought is add capacity to the ferry routes, which would still be difficult to consume.

(20 Jan '17, 12:10) SK53 ♦

You could try to use the tags of the ferry route, for example, only render ferry routes that allow motor vehicles as large.

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answered 20 Jan '17, 11:40

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I thought about using spatial queries for footways or roads that connect to the terminal, but ran into the problem that some terminals don't connect at all while foot terminals can be quite close to roads, and could potentially connect to roads.

I will have ferry route information available, so could query against that. It's not as good as being able to tell the difference from the tags alone, but might work.

(20 Jan '17, 20:04) pnorman

Hi what about motor vehicles=no for a little one or add pedestrians and cyclist=yes. Extra info as vehicle tags HGV=yes or max weight or height for the larger ones to make the use of a ferry specific and recognizable for any user or program.

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answered 20 Jan '17, 12:07

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There are very small ferries that still transport cars. Some are so small that only one or two cars fit on it. Access tags don't represent the size of the ferry terminal.

(20 Jan '17, 16:29) scai ♦

I'm looking at what I can do with OSM data as it exists. If that information were available on the amenity=ferry_terminal objects it would do what I need, but as taginfo shows it's not there.

(20 Jan '17, 19:58) pnorman

Scai ad a tag with the max number of occupants. >60 years ago there were a lot of small ferrys in Norway, but you always had to wait untill the last moment, they kept space for emergancies.

(20 Jan '17, 20:07) Hendrikklaas

I live close to and regularly use a ferry. The capacity (both people and vehicles) varies widely by time of day, season and tidal height. Any complete solution should address this issue, I guess.

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answered 20 Jan '17, 20:31

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