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Hello, I've read the Wiki and searched questions here but haven't been able to find the answer to this. I would like to add some of my local officially signposted walking and cycling trails, which can be seen here:

I'll use one of the green 'junction paths' that runs alongside my house as an example. Parts of this path are already marked on OSM, either as a road/highway (which is correct), as a track (also correct) or as a footpath. Clearly I can't change these so can I add the whole length of the path again alongside these previously marked routes? If not, what should I do in these circumstances?

Thanks in advance of any help.

asked 19 Jan '17, 14:46

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(19 Jan '17, 19:05) andy mackey

Thank you., Yes those answers are very useful indeed.

(20 Jan '17, 09:13) HT61

Routes are nearly always added as relations. This is not complicated: relations are simply lists of other OSM elements. In the case of routes there is not really a lot of additional semantics so the whole thing is easy to understand.

So to create your route relations you simply add the ways that already exist in OSM to the relation and give is the proper type and name:

Once you are finished you should be able to view your handiwork on

While JOSM clearly has the best relation support, I suspect adding a route is quite easy with iD too

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answered 19 Jan '17, 15:47

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Thank you. In all my searching I didn't come across 'relations' anywhere and didn't think to search for anything like that, though of course it makes perfect sense to do it this way. I'll have a go later. I don't know anything about JSOM or iD so might have to look those up, depending on what the wiki says. I was editing from the main OSM screen and only found the choice of 'point', 'line' and 'area', so will also search more thoroughly within 'line' and see if relation is there...

(20 Jan '17, 09:20) HT61

You are using iD which is the standard browser embedded editor.

I just quickly checked how to best do this:

  • select a way that you want to add to the route
  • down at the bottom of the form on the right you will find a "Relations" section.
  • click the "+" button
  • if you haven't created the route relation yet, create a new relation of the appropriate type
  • if the route relation already exists, select it.

That's all.

Note it is not strictly necessary to have the elements in correct order, it simply helps with finding errors.

PS: please "accept" the answer if you are happy with it.

(20 Jan '17, 13:51) SimonPoole ♦

This illustrates how you create a route relation with Potlatch2 alt text

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answered 20 Jan '17, 09:33

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andy mackey
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You will have to pick one of the three National, Regional or Local

(20 Jan '17, 09:35) andy mackey

From your comment I assumed you may be using Potlatch2 but on checking I see your recent edits are with iD. Hopefully my answer will be of use to P2 users.

(20 Jan '17, 18:40) andy mackey

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