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What is the best way to tag a business' opening hours when they officially close "late"?

On the door, it will show something like "5pm-late". This is very common in New Zealand, for example.

The wiki entry for opening_hours doesn't seem to cover that case and seems to require putting in a specific time in the time ranges.

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If the wiki doesn't cater for a real world case, it's the wiki that's wrong, not the real world. In cases such as this I'd just make sure that enough information is captured so that if in the future the "opening hours format" can cater for it, it can be adjusted.

I suspect I've used "late" in opening hours in the UK (perhaps with a note expaining the circumstances in more detail).

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The opening_hours wiki page mentions the following example:

Su 10:00+
Sunday from 10:00 to an unknown or unspecified closing time.

I believe this syntax should be applicable to your use case. Support by end user software may vary, of course.

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answered 19 Jan '17, 12:20

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I feel that the tag 10:00+ conveys little useful information in comparison to using 'late'.
If I was informed by the map that the shop closed late, I would be confident that it would be still open in the early evening whereas 10:00+ would prompt me to get there before midday.
I would be in favour of adding 'late' to the closing time options if that is what the sign displays.

(19 Jan '17, 12:46) nevw

The best we can do with the current approved syntax would be:

opening_hours=17:00+ "closes late"

But what I do is ask someone, "how late are you usually open?" Sometimes there's not a satisfying answer, but you might get an answer like "usually until 10:30 or 11, but sometimes after midnight if we're busy." Then you can confidently tag as opening_hours=17:00-22:30+ which conveys a lot more information.

If you do this, add something like "closing time from conversation with bartender" to the source tag or changeset comment, to make it clear that this info is not from a written hours sign.

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answered 30 Jul '18, 17:45

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