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Please check out this view on a region in Paraguay:

This view is several weeks old. Many many chnages and additions have been made since then, but although zoom levels <= 11 get updated within a minute or so, nothing happens to zoom levels of >= 12, even after weeks.

This is not a chache problem, as I have tried it on many computers and browsers, same result.

Also, adding /dirty as recommended here has not shown any effect:

Any idea?

asked 17 Jan '17, 18:28

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A quick check shows that the tiles correspond to the underlying map data here, so either it is an issue with local caching or with the tile cache Paraquay is served from.

You can find the cache serving you with (run it for a, b and c), if it is really an issue you need to report it to our operations group:

Re-reading your question, it may be that you had the zooms the wrong way around. If yoou are having issues with zoom levels lower and including 12 (in other words 0-12) the issue is due to low zoom tiles being bulk rendered.

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answered 17 Jan '17, 20:27

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Thanks for replying.

Yes, I mixed up the "direction" of zoom levels; the issue is with levels 0-12, 13 to 19 are doing fine. Sorry for the red herring.

What do you mean by "low zoom tiles being bulk rendered" - I understand this is done less regularly, but can it really last more than a month? And if so, why does the /dirty tweak not show any effect?

(18 Jan '17, 18:01) DerGuteDiktator

Normally the low zoom tile update runs early in the month, however that may have not happened this month and the last update been post the last style change on the 24th December.

(18 Jan '17, 20:48) SimonPoole ♦

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