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Hi, I am new in TileMill software, and I need use Bright style ( for my OSM data extracts. Can anybody tell me step by step how can I use it? I do not understand steps in this manual.

  • in 1. should I use files from this step? Or can I download my required locality? And if I can, which one shape files? On I can choose shp splitten by geometry type (lines, points, polygons) or grouped into individual layers by OSM tags. What they are mean with their land polygons files?

Thanks for answers.

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One other link that might be helpful is . There are several tutorials there that might be useful.

(17 Jan '17, 17:17) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes, the shapefiles that you download will be used alongside the OSM data that you want to display. As to which shape files, the instructions suggest "all of them".

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answered 17 Jan '17, 16:06

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But which one package? I have 2 options of shp packages in mapzen : splitten by geometry or grouped by tags? Thanks

(17 Jan '17, 16:33) mathew95

What does MapZen have to do with anything?

(17 Jan '17, 16:45) SomeoneElse ♦

Mapzen provide osm extracts in different packages, ona has shp of points, lines, and polygons and second contains shape files of waterareas, transport_points, roads, and so on ... and I do not know which one package is better

(17 Jan '17, 16:54) mathew95

OSM Bright is going to want to access a database loaded with OSM data. I'd expect that you'd be looking for a .pbf file of your area of interest - at for example that seems to be described as "Raw OpenStreetMap datasets".

(17 Jan '17, 17:10) SomeoneElse ♦

Yes, I have imported .osm.pbf file in my PostGIS DB, but for TileMill I download also .shp files becouse I do know what is correct way.

(17 Jan '17, 17:17) mathew95

As says, "OSM Bright depends on two large shapefiles. You will need to download and extract them before continuing.". That's separate to what you've loaded into PostGIS, and just used for things such as land/sea boundaries. Note that makes it clear what shapefiles you need and where you should download them from.

(17 Jan '17, 17:33) SomeoneElse ♦
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