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The export from OpenStreetMap seems to be broken. I only get:

Error Missing or invalid token

This should be displayed when using the API programmatically, but I get it every time I use the interactive export feature on

The offending URL is:,51.02827473620841,7.117483019828796,51.03135161256763&scale=1400&format=pdf

asked 15 Jan '17, 16:48

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The API is a not really documented not really public API, sorry.

A manual alternative might be that has a number of different SVG output styles.

More possible alternatives can be found here and maybe

permanent link

answered 31 Jan '17, 22:34

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How is something triggered verbatim by a button right on the front page not a public API…

(31 Jan '17, 22:56) Natureshadow

A public API is an interface intended to used by 3rd party applications, this was never. IIRC the change was and is due to scraping via the function and is unlikely to be reverted.

(01 Feb '17, 06:30) SimonPoole ♦

That still leaves some users who can not find or understand this bug report with an unusable, but existing, "download" button, right? I am still testing which of my Firefox addons is responsible for this.

(29 Mar '17, 22:49) quazgar

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