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Hi, After updating JOSM from 11223 into 11427 the program can’t find old files, saved for security reasons ? It is an automated (Windows local update) and it’s not the first time ? Why are the old files not visible ? Is there a way to search in the menu of the PC with JOSM ? Or do I something wrong ? And yes I know too much questions, but they all belong to an update JOSM and its files ?

asked 08 Jan '17, 20:45

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Can you explain what "the program can't find old files" means? Do you mean JOSM .jar files, plugins, or other files?

Also how are you running JOSM? Various options are available ranging from "just running the .jar file" to an installation.

(08 Jan '17, 21:26) SomeoneElse ♦

The program runs smoothly, but the command file, sub 3 in the upper left corner stays blank after the update. Those files are made by choosing Ctrl S or Ctrl shift S. The menu file gives you the choice Open recent file.

(08 Jan '17, 22:55) Hendrikklaas

The menu choice File>Open Recent might have been affected by that Windows Update. The lists of recent files are usually kept in the Windows Registry but JOSM keeps the list internally. Go to Preferences and then click the last entry in the left side settings menu, the one with the wrench, and search for "file-". You should see your file history and the maximum number of file names to save. If there are names present, I suspect the Windows Update is the culprit. Otherwise it's some sort of weird bug in JOSM that somebody else might know more about.



(08 Jan '17, 23:43) AlaskaDave

I dont get it, the Windows installer is or has been created by the JOSM programmers as well. So the program should not loose its files from yesterday or archived ones, is not it ? I recon Ill have to send the "bug" to the programmers.

(10 Jan '17, 21:45) Hendrikklaas

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