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Hi there,

I'm new here, and willing to fix something that's been bothering me.

I live in Brest (France), and we have a street named "Rue de la Deuxième Division Blindée". By the time, people now call it "Rue de la Deuxième DB", and it has become common around here to call that street this way (even though its real name hasn't change). It comes to a point where some people only know it with its shortened name, and shops and businesses even use it in their ads, websites and newsletters.

As it is not the street's real name, OpenStreetMap doesn't know any "Rue de la Deuxième DB" (or "Rue de la 2ème DB", as even more shortened), so when I looked it up, nothing came up, and I had to look it up on Google Maps and find it back on OSM to figure out its real name (that I knew, but am sooo not used to use I didn't even thought of trying it) :-(

So here's my question: Is there a way to add an alternative name to a street, which may not be displayed on the map but will have it come up in the search?

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There is a large number of alternative name attributes that are supported by our search engines, in your specific case I would suggest "short_name", others are "alt_name", "loc_name" and so on.

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answered 06 Jan '17, 11:12

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(06 Jan '17, 11:15) scai ♦

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