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I'm new to OSM/Open Layers. I'd like to render a map with modified text (font family, font size) specifically for streets only. I'm a developer and happy to dive into code, I'm just not sure where to start looking.

I've searched around on the site, and maybe I'm using the wrong terms, but haven't found anything yet. Any help appreciated!

asked 05 Jan '17, 19:09

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OpenStreetMap is really a geographical database rather than a specific rendering of the data, but the default layer on uses the openstreetmap-carto style, which is created using Mapnik. I presume this is what you would like to emulate but with a different font for streets. You might start by cloning the GitHub repository. Installation instructions are provided in the file

If you'd like to create tiles and serve them using OpenLayers, you may wish to have a look at switch2osm.

There are also alternative rendering styles you may wish to try instead of openstreetmap-carto.

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answered 05 Jan '17, 20:27

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As Greg has already said, I'd start with the switch2osm site, but actually the "manually" page rather than the "from packages" one, as going through some parts of the setup manually help you to understand what's connected to what, and how to make changes to it. The "manually" page uses the OSM Bright style which is much easier to understand that OSM's "standard" style.

We don't, unfortunately, have a good tutorial on "editing the map style that you're using to render tiles with already" (though if someone knows of one, please edit this answer to include it).

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answered 05 Jan '17, 21:21

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