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When adding tags that apply to the whole object (mostly wikipedia/data, but there are others), should I create a relation and add the tag to the relation, or should I add the tag to every way that's part of the object.

For example the White Cliffs of Dover has several ways. Some have a different set of tags than others, though. Some have different (specific) names, though they're all part of the Cliffs of Dover. Should we have a relation with name=White Cliffs of Dover, wikidata=Q754785, operator=National Trust, etc?

What about streets? I see there's relation:street so I think I'll go ahead and use that.

asked 05 Jan '17, 17:11

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Relation tags do not cascade down to their member elements. If you create three ways and you don't name them, but instead put them in a relation which does have a name tag, virtually nothing (renderer, router, analysis tool, whatever) will understand what you mean.

As the relation:street page says: "Note that this relation is not established and unsupported by some applications." Translation: it's been made up by someone to whose sense of data consistency it appeals, but no-one else uses it.

Relations are used for a few distinct purposes, such as route relations (buses, bike routes, etc.), multipolygons, and so on. For everything else, there is nothing wrong with having two adjacent objects which have the same tags.

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So the cliffs in the White Cliffs of Dover should each have name=White Cliffs of Dover, alt_name=Shakespeare Cliffs, Langdon Cliffs, etc., wikidata=Q754785?

Is there a way to select all of the ways with the same name to add a tag?

(05 Jan '17, 20:36) mdejean

There is no way to select multiple objects in the iD editor, you can do so in JOSM

(06 Jan '17, 08:02) escada

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