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I've got some ETRS89/UTM coordinates for wind turbines. I already managed to convert them to WGS84 coordinates. However, with both of them, I have no idea how to set the node on that coordinate. Is there some (hidden) option in the editor?

asked 04 Jan '17, 20:55

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What you're suggesting is to import some data into OSM. There are some useful links (including the procedure that you'll have to follow) at .

(04 Jan '17, 21:12) SomeoneElse ♦

Just to clarify, from which source do you got the "some coordinates"?

(04 Jan '17, 21:25) aseerel4c26 ♦

The coordinates are from an official journal publishing all decisions of the local government like the permission to build wind turbines. There it also states the coordinates of each turbine.

(08 Jan '17, 11:56) Klusch

We do not have one "the editor". We have several.

For the most popular ones:

  • In JOSM you have a coordinate display permanently in the status bar and, in addition, you can add a node via coordinate input (see also how-to-add-node-with-exact-coordinates-in-josm)
  • In Potlatch 2 you can turn on the cursor coordinate display (see exact-coordinates-in-potlatch).
  • In iD: To position a point on some coordinates you can, help-wise, enter a pair of coordinates in the search box on the left sidebar and then click on the result to centre the map on this position. To display the current coordinates of your map: zoom to the maximum (currently zoom level 26) and then look at the url bar of your browser. Adding a node with five digit WGS84 precision seems to be possible this way. (see also how-to-display-longitude-and-latitude-in-id)

In case you enter a coordinate directly, make sure that the object which you want to add is not already there (maybe at a slightly different positions).

In case your idea is possibly an "import" special rules need to be followed before you do the edit (see SomeoneElse's comment).

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answered 04 Jan '17, 21:33

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aseerel4c26 ♦
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edited 08 Jan '17, 15:45

I used a browser to edit the map. I was looking at the bottom of the page, if there is a coordinate given … okay, next time I'll check the url bar as well.

Thanks! I installed JOSM.

(08 Jan '17, 11:59) Klusch

@Klusch: if you just clicked on "edit" then you were using the default in-browser editor "iD".

(08 Jan '17, 14:41) aseerel4c26 ♦

If you have Lat/Lon coordinates for a few nodes that you want to map using iD, you can make a stripped-down GPX file with the nodes as waypoints. Then load that GPX file into iD using Map Data > Local GPX file.

You will get little pink circles with the names of your points at those exact locations. These are not part of the data that will be uploaded to OSM - they are just there for your reference. Now you can draw your nodes over the points.

If your coordinates aren't already in decimal degrees, you need to convert them first. Then type them into a text file called nodes.gpx (for example) that looks something like this:

<?xml version="1.0">
<wpt lat="38.88942" lon="-77.03519"><name>WM</name></wpt>

If you have multiple points, just repeat the <wpt>...</wpt> line.

The location above is at the Washington Monument in Washington DC. I named it WM and this name will appear in iD. Again, the point and name will not become part of the data uploaded to OSM - they are just there for your reference when drawing points (nodes), lines, etc.

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answered 05 Jan '17, 02:28

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When I want to do this, I use

-- Steve

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answered 04 Jan '17, 23:27

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in JOSM you can enable expert mode and then you have a option to move by inputing coords under tools.

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answered 10 Oct '17, 13:00

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