my company has built out the API but it has stopped accepting our data. can someone please assist.

the error message say "DAC LLM blocked by FTA" it then goes on to say that we got "blocked" for not following the rules. i know for a fact we were following all the rules that were set out for us before we built out the API.

asked 03 Jan '17, 20:52

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You'll need to provide a few more details than that I think - what API are you calling? What error do you get?

(03 Jan '17, 20:58) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi haggard, please use much more words to describe what has happened. Please describe what your aim is, how you are doing it, which accounts, since when, when it has "stopped", which API (address?). Please log in and then use the "edit" link below your question text to elaborate.

(03 Jan '17, 21:00) aseerel4c26 ♦

From Richard's info: was this really 11 months ago? that old and you are asking now? Please answer all my questions, not just a few.

(03 Jan '17, 22:16) aseerel4c26 ♦

You are creating data that is badly formatted and not following the OSM Import guidelines.

For example, at, you have imported data with field names like 'Address Line 1' and 'Main Phone'. These are not used in OSM and no program will recognise them. OSM has its own field names (tag keys), you can't just choose your own and expect them to work.

The import guidelines are at .

I'm afraid you'll need to learn a lot more about OSM if you want to add data like this, or alternatively employ someone who does understand it already.

(For reference: block at, edits at .)

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answered 03 Jan '17, 21:48

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