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Hello, we want to use openstreetmap in our nationwide real estate website to present location of offered properties. It may be true that we have up to 10,000 listings or more in some months. User must pay an fee for posting an ad at our website. We know openstreetmap is licence free for commercial project but even in this dimension?

Sorry for bad english we come from germany. Thanks.

asked 26 May '11, 08:13

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See existing answers on this site. In short, yes you can use the data if you adhere to the license but there are limits to your use of project infrastructure, i.e. if your web site generates noticeable traffic to our tile server you may have to get your own tile source (see tile usage policy).

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answered 26 May '11, 08:18

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Okay we have an server with 4 GB RAM and 120 GB free space for other usage. We have always our website but not Ubuntu on it, Cent OS is our operation system. We want only Germany for maps. Is it possible to set an tile server with Cent OS? We would try it then. Thanks.

(26 May '11, 08:57) rennsemel

It is possible but not trivial; your hardware resources are on the low side. If you don't do daily/hourly/minutely updates, but instead do a full Germany import every few weeks, it could work. Follow the Mapnik Installation Instructions then install either renderd/mod_tile or Tirex. There is a German-language document that might help although you probably don't want the hstore and minutely updates.

(26 May '11, 09:07) Frederik Ramm ♦

Hopefully your earnings will improve through use of OSM and you will wish put a bit back into OSM at some time.good luck

(27 May '11, 08:03) andy mackey

Frederik: Only monthly updates, our developer will check on Monday his possibility´s. If we rise RAM to 8 GB is this better? We have only an Dual Core with 2 Ghz. Or alternative new server with 8 GB, Quad Core 2,3 Ghz and 1 TB disk (500GB actual)? Cost us more bucks but if application time faster we would do it.

Andy: If we improve our earnings then we will spend money clearly, Google want $10,000 for one year no chance for start-up business.

(28 May '11, 06:00) rennsemel

It´s me again. Is RAM and CPU only needed for render the tiles or even to display rendered map? Thank you.

(09 Jun '11, 20:06) rennsemel

displaying ( serving ) tiles typically only needs little CPU. If tiles are already rendered, then the resource requirements are the same as serving static files. If you have a very large number of requests/s you might need some RAM to cache tiles to reduce the load on your disk subsystem.

(10 Jun '11, 04:23) apmon

Hmmm ... what about continuing this now quite detailed thread (when there are more questions to come) on or one of the OSM mailing lists?

(10 Jun '11, 13:53) stephan75
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