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hello from Greece,

my normal gps map is tomtom with "Mapfactor" application .. as my phone is on service , i am using the free maps of openstreetmaps ..

wanted to make a test (a simulation) so i set as departure my home "Chalkidonos 60-62 , 11527 Athens" and target : "Mesogeion 356 , Agia Paraskevi 15341 "

and just meters from my home , on the junction of Agiou Thoma and Michalakopoulou coordinates : 37.98466 - 23.76378 , suggested me to continue straight and left .. action totally prohibited as in the middle there is a buffer strip as it is shown here :

please could you fix it ?

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asked 02 Jan '17, 17:35

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Local Knowledge is what is needed. The iD editor is very, very good for turn restrictions. Why don't you join the thousands who work on the map, what better new years resolution? See

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answered 02 Jan '17, 19:40

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The JPEG image in the question is from Google Earth, so it is subject to Google's copyright and we cannot use it directly to improve OpenStreetMap. However, if you are telling us, from your own knowledge, that it is not permissible to turn left from Michalakopoulou on to Agiou Thoma, we can certainly include that on the map as a turn restriction. Could you please confirm: 1 - the location in question is shown at; 2 - the left turn from Michalakopoulou (heading south) on to Agiou Thoma is not allowed.

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answered 02 Jan '17, 19:22

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no , said the LEFT turn from Agiou thoma to Michalakopoulou torwards north ! only right is permitted .. even if you want you cant as in the middle there is concrete !!

the usual route my paid edition for the route i gave above is :

Chalkidonos 60 > straight > on Soufliou turning right > and on Mesogeion right > on Michalakopoulou LEFT etc

but from the height of Agiou thoma and southern Michalakopoulou is cut (with concrete in the middle )

(02 Jan '17, 19:47) tassos photo...

Sorry, I had not noticed that there are two parts of Agiou Thoma, one on each side of Michalakopoulou. It would appear that the two link roads, which suggest that it is possible to drive across Michalakopoulou in order to turn, should be removed from the map.

(02 Jan '17, 20:46) Madryn

It looks like the street directly opposite (Τετραπόλεως) has been drawn so as to connect with both carriageways of Μιχαλακοπούλου, whereas (from what you say) it should only connect with the northbound carriageway. Is that right?

I've added a note to the map to question this, so maybe some local mapper will pick this up and change it.

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answered 02 Jan '17, 18:52

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